Psalm 19: 1 , says,
“The heavens declare the glory of God; and
the firmament showeth His handiwork”

Before the written law(Torah) was made
available to the believers, the heavens and
the firmament was the source of learning
and discerning the truth. In ancient times
the knowledge of Astronomy was a toll to
discern the SET TIMES
(Moedim in Hebrew) of God.

Later it was counterfeited by Satan as
pagan astrology or augury using stars to
know the future. (Isaiah 47:13).

The stars of heaven which are shining
heavenly bodies have several functions.

They are:
1) to rule over the night (Gen: 1:16,
Psalms 136: 9)

2) to give light.
3) to praise God.(Psalm 148: 3)
4) to symbolize the rulership of coming
Messiah.(Numbers 24: 17)

Job 9: 7 says, The God of Israel
communicates with the stars and
commands them. God controls the
heavenly bodies in the galaxies and the
positions and orbits have been set for
them. Just imagine what will happen if
they do not obey God and go astray the
divine order set for them. Since God
loves humankind He keeps the
entire universe under His control.
Numbers 24: 17 clearly indicates that
the Messiah, the coming ruler is a
STAR out of JACOB. He has established
a marriage relationship with His bride
(Chosen people, the Church).

In any wedding ceremony joining the palm
of the bride with the palm of the
bridegroom is an important event.

We can assimilate the word pictures of the
Hebrew word KOKAV with this relationship.

Here it is :
Caph = Palm- Palm of the bridegroom.
Vav = Nail which symbolizes the sacrifice
of Yeshua- Ha- Mashiach on the cross.

Caph = another Palm – Palm of the bride
who is waiting for the bridegroom.
(Coming Messiah)

Beth = House which symbolizes the place
that is to be prepared by our bridegroom
in the mansion of His Father’s house.
(John 14: 1,2)

The word pictures of the Hebrew word for
Star – KOKAV give us an amazing
explanation of our betrothal to our
coming Messiah, everlasting King and
eternal bridegroom
– Yeshua- Ha-Mashiach
(Jesus the Messiah)