Psalm 28:7

If someone is fascinated towards the content of a Bible verse, the Hebrew word study will help him and give him an exhilarating experience. The secrecy revealed in the different shades of meaning of a Hebrew key word will lead him to spiritual enlightenment and personal edification. One such verse is,

‘Lord is my strength and shield, my heart trust in Him and I am helped; therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him’ (Psalm 28:7)

Three Hebrew key words in this verse are:

O’z (5797) = Strength and power, It depicts Lord as one’s strength and the power by which Lord leads His people. Internal fortitude and the strength of an individual.

Magen (4043) = Protection a shield as a weapon, metaphorically it refers to God as a source of protection and escape.

Batach (982) = to trust and to be confident, it expresses the feeling of safety and security.

A true believer in God declares that God is his strength and shield and his position becomes safe and secured and such an experience makes him sing “REJOICE IN THE LORD”.