Philippians 2:5

Philippians 2: 5 reads like this: ‘Let this mind be in
you, which was also in Christ Jesus’ (KJV).
The Greek word “phroneo” meaning to think, to
regard, hold an opinion, attitude has been
translated as ‘mind’ in English.(5426 Strongest
Strong’s concordance of the Bible).

The Greek word ‘phroneo’ is primarily related to
the thinking process.

But Hebrew interpretation of New Testament
a wonderful word “lebab” (3825) which
means heart, 
mind and inner person.
The primary usage of this word describes the
entire disposition of the inner person that God
can discern. It also means to be  devoted to the
Lord and to seek the Lord.

Even though the New Testament was originally
written in Greek, its Hebraic mindset can be
accurately understood only through a Hebrew
interpretation. We can see the difference
‘mind’ and ‘heart’. The word ‘lebab’
which means 
heart, exhilarates its meaning
from a devotional angle. 
God’s concern is for
the heart of man and it has been 
reiterated in
the verse:
1 Samuel 16: 7 – “The Lord does

not look at the things people look at.
People look at the 
outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart.”