The Hebrew word Malachi (4397) means ‘Angel’ or ‘Messenger’. The Hebrew
letters are Mem-Lamed-Aleph-Caph sofit. When we add pronominal suffix
to ‘Yodh’ its meaning becomes ‘My Messenger’. The expository study of the
first letter Mem of the word Malachi gives us profound spiritual insight. God’s
mystery has been revealed in the expository studies of the letter Mem.
In Jewish mysticism, Mem is the letter for water symbolizing the spring of Torah.
The spring of wisdom rises up from the mysterious source, that is God.

“The words a man speaks are deep waters, a flowing stream,
a fountain of wisdom.” (Proverbs 18: 4)

Traditionally, Mem has several related meanings such as waters, people,
nations, languages and tongue.
The meaning of the ancient pictograph is ‘Blood’.

The letter Mem has two forms, open form and a closed form. Open form
represents revealed truth of God and the closed form represents concealed
truth of God. The concealed truth of God demonstrated by Messiah is
revealed to the people cleansed by His blood.

In Matthew 13: 10-11, Yehoshua HaMashiach says, the mysteries of
God’s kingdom has been given to the people of Israel. But in order to
make others easily understand, He explained the truth in parables.
In Isaiah 9:7 of the Hebrew text, a closed Mem appears where an open
Mem should appear. The fact that Messiah’s rule will be increased has
been expressed in the phrase, ‘lemarbeh hammisrah’
and its Hebrew interlinear version is as follows:

“Of the increase-of His rule-and of peace-there shall be no end.”

Here the closed Mem signifies that the advancement of royal rule of Judah
is blocked until the coming of the True messiah. Hence the letter Mem
has got close links with its various meanings like people, blood, water.etc.
We can rightfully declare that Mem represents the people cleansed by
the blood of the lamb, Yehoshua HaMashiach.

Now let us turn to the word picture study of the Hebrew word ‘Malachi’.
There are five consonants in this word, they are
Mem, Lamed, Aleph, Caph, Yodh.
We have already seen that Mem symbolizes cleansed by the blood of
the Messiah. Other two letters Lamed and Caph plus a vowel sign Qametz
constitutes the participle form ‘Lecha’ of the word ‘Halach’ (1980)
which means go forth, send , or walk.

Hence a prophet is a Godly man sent as a messenger to serve the people
of God. The concept that the angels are the servants of His people has
been reiterated in the epistle of Hebrews.

” But to which of the angels has He ever said: sit at my right hand,
till I make your enemies your footstool.”

“Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those
who inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1: 13,14.)

The primary service of ministering spirits is to bring ‘blessing’ to His people.
“The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it”.
(Proverb 10: 22).

The Hebrew word for ‘to bless’ is Barach. (Beth-Resh-Caph sofit).
The word pictures of these letters are follows:
Beth=House, Resh=Head, and Caph Sofit=Palm of the hand. 

Resh symbolizes the Messiah and Caph His Palm. In reality pierced palm of
Yehoshua brings blessing to our house. The pain and hardship will not be

added to such a blessing. But we have to give our God the Almighty His
due honor. This has been emphasized in the verses of Malachi 1: 4-6.

In fact in the verse 6 God raises a sensitive question.

“A son honors his father, and a servant his master, if then I am the Father,
where is My honor? And if I am the Master, where is My reverence?

says the Lord of hosts to you priests who despise My Name.” (Malachi 1: 6)
Later in this chapter God explains how the priests despised His altar by
polluted offerings.

The Hebrew word for ‘Honor’ is ‘Kavod’ or ‘Kabod’.(3519). The letters are Caph,
Beth and Daleth.
The word pictures are Caph=Palm, Beth=House and
Daleth=Door. From these word pictures also, the picture of Messiah
can be visualized.
The door of the blessing to enter into our house is the
pierced palm of Yehoshua.

The only way to honor our God is to bring ‘offerings’ to His altar.
Malachi 3: 8-10 verses tell us about the ‘Tithe’ and ‘Offerings’.

It has been clearly indicated that when you come with the offering,
God will exalt you.

The Hebrew word for ‘offering’ is ‘Terumah’.(8641). (Tau-Resh-Vav-Mem-Hey.)
This word comes from the verb ‘Rum’ (7311) meaning to be high,
or to lift up.
The word ‘Rum’ is consists of three Hebrew letters – Resh-Vav-Mem Sofit.
The name of our Messiah is also hidden in this word.

Resh= Head, it may be implied as great God, Yah.
Vav= Nail, its phonetic substitution is ‘o’ as in Holem Vav.
Mem=Ocean wave, it represents the people who cry for the deliverance of
God, Shuah(7775). 
Yah-o-Shuah= Yehoshuah.

The other two letters of ‘Terumah’ is Tau and Hey. When these letters are
prefixed with ‘Aleph’ we get a Hebrew word ‘etah’ meaning to come, to

arrive. It is used in a causative sense to bring someone or something.
Hence ‘Terumah’ the offering, brings blessing to a person concerned.

Yehoshuah keenly observes your offering and your heart behind it.
He exalts you if your motive behind your offering is good.

Please read the verses Luke 21: 1,2.

Finally, let us examine the Hebrew word for Tithe – Masrah.
(Mem-Ayin-Shin-Resh-Hey). The noun form of the word Ma’aser'(4643)

which means ‘to tithe’. The last three letters of the Masrah is Sarah
(Shin-Resh-Hey). As we know the meaning of this word is ‘princess’.

The primary duty of the bride of the Price of Peace(Yehoshuah) is to tithe.
Figuratively speaking ‘Tithe’ is like a wedding ring, the bride shows 
one of
her ten fingers to accept the ring given by the bridegroom.

If we cull out the four letters (mem-ayin-shin-hey) from the word Masrah
we get a Hebrew word ‘Maaseh'(4639) which means a work,
a deed,
workmanship. The word refers to various deeds or works accomplished by people.

As we conclude, each and every letter of the word Malachi contains the hidden
secrets of God, out of which Mem is a divine letter.