Restoring The Church To Its Hebraic Roots

                 It is sad to see so many hateful posts. I am a Torah observant Christian. What does this mean? I call no one Rabbi or Father other than Yeshua/Jesus and YHWH who is my only true Father.

I keep the feasts of the Lord and ignore pagan christian celebrations like Christmas and Hallowe’en and Valentine’s day etc.
I keep weekly sabbath. I read scripture every day. I give charity every week. I tithe. I worship and praise God.
I do not follow ‘Rabbincal’ things –

                       I only follow the laws and commandments given by God. I treat the entire Word from Genesis to Revelations as righteous and Holy.  I know the KJV is the best version of the Bible we have and that God has protected this translation in such a way that there is enough to bring anyone to the Salvation offered by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus or Yeshua. I also know that from the underlying Greek text that there have been a few bits of leaven thrown in. That Jacob/Ya’acov the name of the brother of Jesus and the name of Isaac’s son is properly translated to Jacob in Genesis in the KJV and yet is translated to James, the name of the King in the New Testament reveals that the KJV is not quite perfect, because the translators had leaven in them.

                So I have faith that by building scripture line by line, precept upon precept that any minor flaw introduced by the translators will become readily apparent thanks to the discernment offered by the Holy Spirit. I also accept that when grace is given to us through the Blood of Jesus we are to submit and repent fully to the King of Kings, and follow the commandments of the Father and not the traditions of men we have been taught. And that though we try to submit fully to the Holy Spirit as it guides us and convicts us, that the process is not the Destination, but the Way. And that any of us can struggle with stones still in our hearts and that this process takes time and that by being willfully blind and stubborn we end up with shahatnaze – the blending of linen and wool. And that by planting mixed seed we will never provoke the Jews as we are asked to do. That when God says in Psalm 119 and in Proverbs that the Torah is the way, the way of life, the truth, the lamp, the light of truth, to be read every day, to be searched and researched, that it is a blessing to read it and follow it, and is for all generations for eternity until heaven and earth pass away I simply believe my God and follow Torah – and when I say Torah I do not accept the ‘Rabbinical’ traditions of it but the words of Jesus – it is the Torah and the Prophets. I reject any talmudic or christian teachings that do not align perfectly with all the Word of God. And when I see people in churches having children hunt for easter eggs, and follow lent – the 40 days of mourning for the death of Tammuz I am deeply troubled. I am also troubled by the hatred of Christians displayed by many Hassidim.

                     I also see Anti-Semitism and wonder how we, Israel through Messiah will ever join with the other house, the house of Yahudah. But as I have complete faith in Messiah I fear not but simply dislike this period of separation.

                    As it is written you newly grafted wild branches – do not be prideful for without the root you are nothing. And if He will throw His own branches on the fire then fear Him lest you suffer the same fate. And those of you of the circumcision – take care not to be too boastful as well, there is no higher or loftier ground for any Man or Woman other than to be Married to Messiah, wherever you started and whoever’s line you claim.

                                  – Jamie Duncan

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